Thank You Hans and Isabel!

At Svensk Fjärrtransport AB, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Hans and Isabel for trusting us with the transportation of their 28-foot Laurinkoster. We wish them great success with their boat and look forward to following its adventures.

Transporting a Laurinkoster by truck requires meticulous preparation and handling. Initially, the boat is inspected and all loose items are secured or removed. The mast is usually dismantled to fit under road height restrictions. The boat is then placed on a custom-made cradle that properly supports the hull and keel.

The cradle is carefully placed in the trailer, often using a crane or other lifting equipment, and the boat is securely fixed inside the trailer to prevent any movement or damage during transit. Our route planner carefully plans the route to avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and areas with heavy traffic. The transport is carried out by one of our drivers skilled in handling large loads.

This delivery highlights our ability to manage transportation beyond standard pallets and containers. We offer the capability to transport more specialized and valuable items. Our commitment extends beyond traditional logistics; we provide solutions that meet all needs. Whether it involves machinery, cars, special equipment, or in this case, luxury leisure boats, our team is ready to ensure safe and efficient transport.