Preparations for the Summer

Flygfoto av gul lastbil som kör genom en väg i skogen.

As we all know, environmental responsibility and sustainability are core values for us. This summer, we are further strengthening these efforts, implementing advanced technologies and efficient methods that reduce our environmental impact while maintaining our high quality of service.

Renewed measures for more environmentally friendly transport

1. Greener Vehicles on the Road: Our commitment to cleaner transport methods is clearly visible in our latest fleet upgrade. We continue to replace older models with Euro 6 engines and are intensively exploring the use of biodiesel and electric alternatives. These steps are particularly important during the summer period, when increased traffic on the roads requires more sustainable solutions.

2. Smarter Logistics: Streamlining our transport routes through advanced route optimization is another key strategy. With the help of the latest technology, we minimize unnecessary mileage and thus lower both fuel consumption and emissions. This not only leads to environmental benefits but also to cost savings, which is a win-win for both us and our customers.

3. Knowledge and Awareness: We also invest in raising awareness of sustainability among our employees. Through training and workshops during the summer, we strengthen our workforce with knowledge of energy saving, recycling and responsible use of resources.

We Would Also Like To Welcome a Few People

In line with our expansion plan and to meet the demands of the summer, we are happy to welcome new drivers to our team. The new members undergo a comprehensive introduction to our environmental values and operational methods. We look forward to how their energy and commitment will strengthen our ability to deliver exceptional and sustainable transportation solutions.

This summer marks an exciting time for Svensk Fjärrtransport AB, as we not only improve our own operations but also contribute to a larger change in the industry. By continuously striving to reduce our environmental impact and welcoming new forces that share our values, we reinforce our commitment to lead the way towards a cleaner and greener future.