Ready To Roll!

CEO of SFT AB Shakes hand with Member of TIP Group

Exciting News from Svensk Fjärrtransport AB! Under the leadership of Mehiar Petrov, the company has recently completed an impressive order with the TIP Group, and the result is nothing short of impressive. Twelve state-of-the-art Volvo Trucks FH500 I-Save tractor units have joined our fleet, and they are not alone. Several KRONE Trailers have also arrived and are ready for their missions.

Mehiar Petrov, CEO of Svensk Fjärrtransport AB, expresses his enthusiasm for this new addition: “We look forward to putting these uniform, fuel-efficient Volvo trucks on the roads and carrying out our missions. It’s a significant milestone for us at Svensk Fjärrtransport.”

This step is the result of a successful collaboration with the TIP Group and a trusting relationship that has been built. The new Volvo trucks are not only modern and fuel-efficient but also part of a strategy to ensure reliable and sustainable transportation solutions for our customers.

We at Svensk Fjärrtransport AB would like to express our gratitude to the TIP Group for this partnership and for future projects. This new asset will strengthen our ability to deliver top-quality services and further solidify our position as a reliable player in the transportation industry.

With these modern trucks ready to hit the roads, we look forward to continuing to enhance the quality of transportation for our customers. Together with our skilled drivers and dedicated teams, we are ready to take on new challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and professionalism.